The Adventure Begins

We’re here! We arrived in Nagoya last night after a long journey from Seattle. The flights were great; we had outstanding service, nice seats, and great food. They were of course sleepless for me, proving that even with lay-flat seats and a “night time” lighting scheme I am in fact incapable of sleeping on airplanes. Fortunately we arrived at bedtime in Nagoya, which sort of gave us an opportunity to get on the local schedule (although our internal clocks were not going to go down without a fight, claiming a victory at 3am when we were both wide awake without any warning).

I’m happy to report that all seven of our checked bags made the tight connection in Seoul, South Korea. We ended up leaving them at the Nagoya airport for direct delivery to our hotel today, which worked out to be a wise decision. Our departure from the airport turned into a run down the train platform to jump onto the first class train (I love Japanese train punctuality, by the way). We dove onto train car #1, but it turned out we had tickets for train car #7, so as the train accelerated out of the station we clambered our way through 6 cars to find our seats. There’s something a little refreshing about being an obvious foreigner here, because you get a free pass for making dumb mistakes. I’m just glad we didn’t have to drag our enormous pile of luggage through every train car!

Today’s plan is to go appliance and furniture shopping to figure out what we want before we go to purchase them with the interpreter on Monday. When that’s done, we’ll probably go exploring. The subway has unlimited day passes available on weekends, so it’s a good excuse to zip around and get the lay of the land. I’ll wrap this up by posting some pictures of yesterday’s journey. Clicking on the first photo will open a carousel viewer, so you can flip through them to have a glimpse into our day.


5 thoughts on “The Adventure Begins

  1. Bet you two stand out in the crowd over there! Uncle John has resorted to taking Benedryl before long flights that cross time zones, because he doesn’t sleep on planes either! I can tell you’re going to enjoy every minute of this new-way-of-life. love ya, auntruth

  2. Even after staring at the globe for a while, I’m still not sure why you had to fly through Seoul. Like Elizabeth, I’m excited to hear of your adventures in Japan.

    • I know! Korean Air is the main Asian carrier out of SeaTac, and all their flights go through their hub in Seoul. JAL or ANA would have required connections in LAX, SFO, or somewhere else equally as inconvenient. I wanted to jump out of the plane as we flew over Nagoya, though!

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